[Image descriptions: several images of two ace pride tee shirts. One is purple and says, “The brain’s what counts…” on the front and, “…Everything else is transport.” on the back in white. The other is grey and says, “On a scale of 0-6, I’m an X” with the X in purple and everything else white.]

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to make a couple of ace pride tee shirts. And I did! I also promised to post pictures of them, and that… didn’t happen. I got distracted. But here they are! The pictures were taken with my cell phone while standing on a chair, but you can see them, and that’s what’s important. Anyway, I’m quite pleased with the way they came out. Now the next thing is being confident enough to actually wear them.

I’m actually contemplating wearing one tomorrow, in honor of the last day of Asexual Awareness Week, but I’m hesitant because I intend to go shopping, which involves leaving my room and going somewhere where people will actually see me. On the positive side, though, I probably won’t see anyone I know.


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    I like the 2nd one a lot! (Especially since it’s a Sherlock quote) And the 3rd is very aesthetically pleasing!
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    I want the grey one, they’re really cool shirts :)
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    I would so wear the first one xD Sapioromantic~
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    Oh my god, these are FANTASTIC.
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    ah man, that ‘everything else is transport’ one is awesome!
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    Wooaaaaah I really want that first one
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    I want both of these so badly!!!!!
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    OMFG I WANT THE “X” SHIRT SO BADLY!! You’re amaaaazing!
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    My gosh, these are amazing! (: I really do need to get myself a proper ace pride t-shirt. I have a long-sleeved one...
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    Those. Are. Fantastic!! Love, love, love, LOVE!
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