I really hate to say this…

But I am so, so tired of Doctor Who.

Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who, anyway. I used to love this show. Now it just makes me sad and angry.

I’m not going to go into every thing about Doctor Who that irritates me, because that would take forever (although the non-consensual kissing, AGAIN, merits a mention. Please, just let this ‘joke’ die.) But there is one point I want to make.

It seems like Clara wasn’t treated like a person so much as a puzzle. She’s not someone who’s appeal to the Doctor is her courage or character or intelligence (although she has as much of those as Moffat’s writing allows,) but because she’s done something impossible, and that has the Doctor intrigued. She’s Special.

Amy was Special too. She was the girl with the crack in her wall, who’s whole life revolved around the Doctor. The Doctor tells her at one point, “Your life doesn’t make any sense.” She was a puzzle too.

And it seems like nowadays, not just anyone can be a companion. You have to be Special, there has to be something about you, outside of your control, that makes you worth noticing to the Doctor. Remember when a shop girl, a med student, and a temp from Chiswick were companions? I can’t imagine Eleven picking up one of them. They wouldn’t be deemed interesting enough to catch his notice.

With Rose and Martha and Donna, it felt like any ordinary person could be a companion. It felt like I could be a companion. That was the appeal, that was the whole point. Now, I can’t come back from the dead and I didn’t spend my life obsessing over my imaginary friend, so I don’t feel like I can even fantasize about the Doctor coming for me. He wouldn’t even notice me. Because I’m ordinary.

(This isn’t just my terrible self-esteem talking here. There’s no real-life viewer who can measure up to Amy and Clara’s innate Specialness. The message of “Anyone can be a companion, even you,” has been lost, and now all I hear is, “You’re not good enough for the Doctor.”)

I really think I’m going to have to stop watching this show. It’s too painful for me. I hate that I’m going to have to do that, but I think I’ll be better off.


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    I love the show, but you do make a great point.
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    Okay, I’m going to go review the Christmas Doctor Who now.
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    Ugh. :( I don’t want to watch the Christmas special as much after reading this.
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  13. fiercedandelioness said: Oh gosh yes this is exactly how I feel. I haven’t watched today’s yet because I’ve been feeling so negative toward Moffat’s Who that I want to avoid it because if I keep going I’ll start to hate it and I can’t hate Doctor Who I just can’t and ugh
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