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Saw this convo and needed to make it. Image was found, but artist is still missing, so please tell me if anyone figures out who set up the sweet photoshop. All I did was slap on the text & logo and adjusted them to look good.

I realized how badly i wanted to see ads like this. We have such few kick-ass female characters and/or role models to look forward to. I’m debating making a whole series of ads like this to see how many BAMF ladies I can find and put them in a marketing position that actually paints women as tough-as-nails-bad-asses-who-don’t-take-shit-from-anyone. We sorely need more of them.

Reverse image search leads to movie fan central, but the specific link leads to a “this page is down message.”

Which is a shame, because I really want to credit the creator and marry/shack up, with them, whichever they prefer

No words for how much I love this.

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